CoffeeJavaJoe is dedicated to those who want really good coffee at home!

For me, this means being able to have a great cup of really good coffee as soon as I get up and having a few more as the day gets going. My personal love of coffee started late. I did not drink coffee growing up and did not acquire the habit until after college when I was in the army. For those of you who spent time in the service, you know that mess hall coffee is really pretty awful. I used to add cream and two scoops of sugar to every cup. My dentist loved that routine!

It was many years later that my coffee habits changed and I was able to really appreciate good coffee. The first step was getting away from the sugar and cream. This happened when I started an Adkins diet and needed to cut out sugars, carbs and dairy. To my surprise, I came to like plain black coffee better than “doctored” coffee and still prefer it after all these years. I guess my grandfather was right all along.

The second step was when the company I worked for sent me to Paris, France for a week-long series of meetings. The French may be very eccentric in many ways but they really know food, and as it turned out, good coffee. The hotel urns of coffee were filled with a truly wonderful brew at every meeting. When I returned home, I bought some Starbucks French Roast for my home drip coffee maker and it remains one of my personal favorites.

I was amazed at the difference that truly good coffee could make. I’m not into flavored coffees (no offense to those that are) and I had assumed that all packaged coffees tasted just like what came in the can. Was I ever wrong! Being a black coffee drinker I can really taste the difference between coffees and to me a good dark roast coffee is heaven itself on an early morning.

This site is dedicated to those who really like good coffee, want it every day and want to make it in a variety of ways. I hope it allows you to find the coffee, coffee maker or accessory which will make your next cup a memorable experience!