Melitta 63229 Single Serve Coffee Filters For JavaJigTM 60 Count (Pack of 4)

  • Java Jig, a reusable filter for Keurig K-Cup Brewers
  • Replacement paper coffee filters are specially designed to fit the Java Jig
  • Save money. Enjoy your own favorite coffee. Use more or less coffee to adjust strength
  • Easy to use. Makes great coffee in seconds. Quick and easy clean up
  • Bio-degradable. Environmentally friendly
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Product Description

For use with Melitta javajig reusable coffee filter system

Safety: Caution: Filter cup and inset may be hot after brewing.

Easy-to-use directions:
1. Put filter insert face down (prongs up) on flat surface & place coffee filter on top.
2. Slide cup down over filter until snug.
3. Fill cup with your favorite ground coffee or tea.
4. Snap lid on top and it’s ready for use. Remove used coffee filter & toss. Rinse & reuse cup.

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