TECHO Reusable Cone Coffee Filters 4 Cups DIY Pour Over Stainless Steel Dripper with Stand Spoon Brush

  • REUSABLE & ECO-FRIENDLY: This coffee filter will replace paper filters! The universal stand is made of top-quality BPA free stainless steel.
  • PERFECT COFFEE: A great alternative to disposable paper filters, that rob your coffee of essential oils, and flavors.
  • DOUBLE-LAYERED MESH: The fine mesh can filter 99.9% coffee grounds. It can also guarantee steady flow for you to enjoy every moment of brew.
  • EASY TO USE & CLEAN: Removable rubber grip for safe when pour with hot water, easy to grip and can be removed easily for washing.
  • REMOVABLE CUP STAND: The cup stand is easy to install and remove. It fits mugs up to 4 inches wide and any coffee pots of various types.
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Product Description

1.Drinking coffee is an indispensable part of our daily life. Why not choose the TECHO Reusable Coffee Filters 4 Cups?

2.Superior Material & Eco-friendly Made of stainless steel, the Reusable Coffee Filters 4 Cups are reusable and fine enough to filter 99.9% coffee grounds. Besides, there is less paper wasting.

3.Make Best Coffee The Reusable Coffee Filters 4 Cups make coffee that has a bolder, fresher taste – unlike paper filters that trap essential oils, the double mesh filter lets the full-bodied flavor drip into your cup.

4.Simply Yet Versatile The Reusable Coffee Filters 4 Cups can be used for any carafes, flasks or decanters within 4.9inch diameter. The universal stand fits onto many mugs, cups, thermoses and small pots. You can make 2-4 cups of coffee with it.

5.Perfect Gift Packaged in a beautiful box, the Reusable Coffee Filters 4 Cups are perfect gifts for anyone who enjoys good-tasting coffee!

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