ReaLegend Wooden Manual Coffee Grinder Vintage Style Hand Coffee Mill Burr Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Hand Crank

  • Dimension:4 Inch x 4 Inch x 6.7 Inch, 1.1lb.Ceramic burr grinder,variable grind for French Press and Moka Pot
  • Pure wood bottom base with drawer, super convenient and easy to operate. We suggest you clean it once a week
  • Turn handle & retrieve fresh coffee grounds from drawer.Mix spices like clove or cardamom and experiment with new tastes. Can also be used to grind dry spices
  • The body is made of Beech wood with easy to access drawer. The front drawer catches the ground coffee ready for brewing your own fresh blend of coffee
  • The grind is consistent and you can adjust the degree of grind to your needs. Set coarse grind for making coffee with percolator or French press. Set fine grind for making Espresso or using with drip filter
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Product Description

ReaLegend Manual Coffee Grinder Vintage Style Wooden Hand Coffee Mill Burr Coffee Grinder with Ceramic Hand Crank

This coffee grinder / spice grinder has a traditional vintage look. It is made from solid beech wood, rather than pine, which makes it stronger and more durable, ideal for daily use in the home. This grinder is fairly small which makes it ideal for households of 1-4 people. Manual grinders do require a bit of physical effort, after all they are manual, but once the grinder had been used a few times it does become easier to use as the residue from the ground coffee beans helps to ‘oil’ the burr. It is also worth remembering that the finer the grind the more grinding required. As such, it’s important to make sure the grinder is setup correctly so you get the best out of this item. The classic lines of this coffee grinder make it attractive and the ceramic burr makes it a durable and efficient grinder. This is the best of old world style and new world technology!

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