Peet’s Coffee Big Bang Ground Coffee Medium Roast Bag, 12 Ounce

  • Big Bang is a brilliant blend to celebrate our 50th anniversary featuring the exotic fruitiness of Ethiopian Super Natural.
  • Some have described Alfred Peet as the big bang* of craft coffee the one who started it all.
  • In celebration of our 50th year were honoring his legacy by taking a bold step ahead.
  • Our new signature blend expands the horizon of what coffee can be: vibrant full-flavored boldly original and roasted to medium-bodied perfection.
  • Peet's Big Bang is a tribute blend with natural Ethiopia roasted to bright sweet medium-bodied perfection.
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Product Description

Alfred Peet has been described as the “Big Bang” of the craft coffee movement for transforming what Americans have come to expect from the flavor body and depth of their coffee. Created for Peet’s 50th anniversary this signature blend celebrates Mr. Peet’s legacy by expanding the horizon of what coffee can be with a vibrant full-flavored and boldly original taste. Crafted with Latin American and East African beans including some of the same premium coffees as the trademark Major Dickason’s blend Big Bang offers a new and exciting twist on an old favorite by adding the sweet and aromatic citrus notes of Ethiopian Super Natural. This coffee comes pre-ground for quick and easy brewing.

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