KRUPS GVX212 Coffee Grinder with Grind Size and Cup Selection and Stainless Steel Flat Burr Grinder, 8-Ounce, Black

  • Flat mill system : Avoids overheating while preserving coffee beans aroma
  • Fitness customization: 17 positions to grind coffee beans from ultra fine to coarse
  • Quantity customization : Select the number of cups you require coffee grinds for (from 2 to 12 cups)
  • Freshness and flavor preservation : 200 g/7 oz. bean hopper with lid keeps coffee beans fresh
  • 110 watts; 2 year worldwide warranty
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Product Description

Quickly and efficiently grind whole coffee beans with this powerful KRUPS GVX2012 coffee burr grinder. Grinding beans right before brewing ensures maximum rich aroma and delicious full-bodied flavor for better-tasting coffee drinks—from simple drip to espresso or cappuccino. Packaged pre-ground coffee just isn’t the same. The burr mill’s 8 Oz. air-tight bean hopper keeps whole beans fresh, while its anti-static covered bean container holds up to 8 Oz. of ground coffee. The burr mill system avoids overheating, preserves aroma, and provides a grind fineness selector with 17 positions from coarse to fine. Choose from 2 to 12 C. for grinding a precise amount of coffee—the machine shuts off automatically after grinding the desired amount. For safety, the burr grinder will not operate unless the hopper and coffee container lids are in place. A must for any true coffee lover, the KRUPS GVX2012 coffee burr grinder enhances the coffee-savoring experience.

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