Hunt Brothers Coffee Beans | Blue Honduras Specialty Coffee | Certified Organic | 100% Arabica | 16 Ounce Bag

  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC WHOLE BEAN COFFEE: CCOF-Certificated products carry the 100%-Organic-label to guarantee a production in accordance with strict organic standards.
  • AWARDED CULTIVATION AREA: Marcala coffee region was first in Central America to be recognised with a DOP (Protected Origin Denomination).
  • EXCELLENT GROWING CONDITIONS: Surrounded by biosphere reserves and rain forests the 100% Arabica beans are grown on fertile volcanic soil, enriched by volcanic lava.
  • RESPONSIVELY SOURCED COFFEE: Farmers and their families benefit from the fair trade process by the suppport of small coffee cooperatives.
  • STRICTLY HIGH GROWN: SHG-coffee cultivation makes sure that the fruits mature slow and thoroughly resulting in a high density of the beans to create a deep and full-bodied flavor and premium taste.
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Product Description

Why organic coffee can make you happy

1. Organic coffee is clean coffee! NO synthetic fertilisers or chemicals are being used in growing or production processes. It is free of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

2. Organic coffee is healthy coffee! It is rich in healthful antioxidants. The positive side-effect: Organic farms take care of a well-balanced ecosystem for a healthier planet, too!

3. Organic coffee is delicious coffee! Exchange your packet of oily acidy bitterness for boosting premium taste until the last drop of your cup.


Mountainous cultivation in 1400m above sea level of the Honduran south-western highlands in a pleasant tropical climate ensure highest and finest gourmet coffee quality.


The fully washed coffee is much cleaner and brighter in taste. Small batch roasters take care of the artisan light roast to enhance it’s essential flavour characteristics even more and bring it to perfection.


Experience the BLUE HONDURAN Single Origin Organic Premium Coffee with its rich and chocolaty notes, profound depth, velvety body, and low acidity.


Product quality is our high standard priority. If the product does not meet our coffee lovers expectations, it will be fully refunded.

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