Latitude 23.5 Coffee and Tea Bold Half Caffeine Coffee, 12 Ounce

  • Latitude Coffees Half Caff are 100% USDA certified organic coffee beans roasted in small batches by coffee craftsmen producing a smooth and aromatic coffee but only half the caffeine
  • Our Half Caff coffee are USDA certified organic allowing us to produce a true Organic coffee; fresh coffee with an even fresher taste
  • Latitude 23.5 Half Caff Coffee is fresh tasting and rich; our coffee beans and grounds are hand-crafted; we use a proprietary method, no PGs or preservatives
  • Our 100% certified Organic coffees come from exceptional farms, environment safe, that produce smooth tasting coffee
  • Both coffees in this blend are naturally low in acidity for a smooth, yet full, flavor; bold Half Caff lets you enjoy more without being too much in caffeine
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Product Description

Latitude 23.5’s Bold Half Caff has all the flavor of it’s fully charged friends but only half of the caffeine. Both coffees in this blend are naturally low in acidity for a smooth, yet full, flavor. Bold Half Caff lets you enjoy more – without being too much. Latitude 23.5 selects high quality green coffee from exceptional farms. Whether varietals, blended or flavored, they are hand roasted by coffee craftsmen and produce a smooth, satisfying experience. Our organic blends are USDA certified organic and a true harmony of high quality beans and creative composition. Roasted in small batches by Latitude’s skilled craftsmen, these beautiful beans produce a coffee that cups nicely, with a nutty aroma; it is smooth yet has bright fruity notes. Using a proprietary method and utilizing only organic flavors with no PG’s, artificial stabilizers or preservatives, the flavors are clean and crisp providing a flavored coffee experience to savor. Simple, pure and natural – organic flavors and rich tasting organic coffee beans blended to flavorful perfection. Our experienced craft roasters work hard to ensure you brew a flawless cup. Every time. Also try our regular coffees as Latitude Organic coffee beans come in many delicious flavors: Chocolate Decadence, Heavenly Hazelnut, Paradise Crunch (smooth Vanilla), Caramel Nut, Island Vanilla, Bourbon Truffle, and Calypso (dark chocolate & essence of orange).

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