Javazen Decaf Relax Organic, Decaffeinated, Ground Coffee with Rooibos Tea and Goji Berries, 9 oz.

  • 100% Organic Ingredients: Organic Decaffeinated Ground Coffee + Rooibos Tea + Goji Berries + Lucuma Powder + Ground Vanilla Bean
  • FUNCTIONAL | With rooibos for relaxation and mindfulness, Javazen Relax has been acclaimed as the first functional decaf on the planet! For those of you who prefer decaffeinated coffee, this is truly your sweet, soothing zen in a cup - perfect to start or end your day on a note of nutrient-dense, superfood bliss.
  • FEEL YOUR BEST | Filled with powerful antioxidants and amino acids to keep you healthy and happy
  • PREMIUM QUALITY | Our coffee is secialty-grade, single-origin, organic, direct trade, vegan, keto, non-GMO, and soy-free
  • EASY TO BREW | Brews like plain coffee or tea in a French Press or Auto-Drip Machine. Each bag features a Zip Lock to preserve freshness once opened.
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Product Description

Being present means more than just showing up. It takes focus and clarity to be ready for whatever life brings. Be there, truly there, for the things that matter most. Awaken your full potential with a daily ritual that brings sustained energy, without jitters or an afternoon dip. Java Zen is the evolution of coffee–a blend of organic coffee, loose leaf tea and powerful superfoods in perfect harmony. The calming energy you’ll receive from our relax blend is perfect for sipping as you leave the worries of your day behind. Serve it first thing in the morning as the sun rises for a cup of gentle bliss or enjoy this calming blend of liquid Zen in the evening as the sun sets. It’s a versatile superfood coffee treat we’re sure you’ll enjoy .

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