Jasmine Cafe Premium Single Serve Disposable Drip Coffee Filter Bag – Hanging Ear Drip Coffee Bag – Tea Strainer & Filter – Perfect for Travel, Home, & Office – 60 Count

  • ✔ COFFEE ON THE GO: These Drip Coffee Filter Bags are great for making single serve coffee & tea while camping, picnicking, at the office and even at home! Take these drippers wherever you go.
  • ✔ CLEAN AND HEALTY: Using these Drip coffee Filter Bag can avoid the build-up of coffee oil (caffeol) and mold left on coffee maker equipment, which can make future cups of coffee taste bitter and rancid and potentially harmful to your health
  • ✔ BEST TASTE COFFEE AND EASY: Drip Coffee Filter Bags are designed for those who demand the best taste of coffee. Single serving size with your choice of best coffee selection you prefer. Once you're finished making your coffee, simply dispose of your dripper. Great for making bulletproof coffee. You could have GREAT tasting coffee in less than 5 minutes!
  • ✔ SGS CERTIFIED PREMIUM COFFEE DRIPPER: Our coffee filters bags are licensed and certified, making them 100% safe to use! material imported from Japan
  • ✔ HERE'S WHAT YOU'LL RECEIVE: 1 Bag of Jasmine Cafe 60-Count Disposable Premium Coffee & Tea Drippers (3.5x2.75 in.) w/ Instructions, & 1 Tablespoon Measuring Scoop.
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Product Description

Coffee & tea wherever you go:
Need a quick jolt of energy in the home or office? Have a freshly
brewed cup of coffee or tea at your fingertips in under 5 minutes! Simply
attach your dripper onto a paper or glass cup, pour 2 tablespoons
of ground coffee into your dripper, and add hot water: it’s really that
easy! Also awesome for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

A quick, simple, and healthy way to drink coffee:
Our Jasmine Cafe Premium Coffee Drippers are SGS certified
and completely safe for making your favorite types of coffee. Each
bag contain instructions on the back of the package, including 6 quick
and simple steps for making great tasting coffee. Simply grind your
favorite coffee beans of your choice, pour the measured coffee grind
into your dripper, and slowly add hot water for your coffee to achieve
the taste you know and love.

Skip the machines and pods!
Tired of drinking the same coffee again and again out of prepackaged
coffee pods? Our drippers provide you with the option of drinking any
type of coffee you would like depending on your mood. Get back to
drinking freshly ground coffee you know the source of.

Choose from 2 quantity bags:
White Jasmine Cafe Bag – Includes instructions on package, 30-Count
Premium Coffee Drippers, & a Tablespoon Measuring Scoop.
Blue Jasmine Cafe Bag – Includes instructions on package, 60-Count
Premium Tea & Coffee Drippers, & a Tablespoon Measuring Scoop.

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