Fresh Taste of Folgers Coffee, Half Caff Ground Coffee, Medium Flavor, 10.8 Oz Canister – (1 pk)

  • Each Bag or Canister of Coffee has its own Aroma Seal, to seal in the Freshness of your coffee
  • Folgers Offers Multiple Flavors of Coffee for that Special Mood you are in
  • Each Bag and Canister will have its own unique blend of ground coffee beans, specially roasted to give you a satisfying pure taste
  • Flavor: Half Caff with a Medium Grounded Coffee Flavor, giving you half the caffeine
  • Makes Up to 90 - 6 Fl oz Cups (per Canister)
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Product Description

The history of Folgers is as rich as its coffee. RD Treasures is now helping to bring this the Folgers Product Line of coffee and all of its flavorings to you, to help you to match your mood. From instant to gourmet, single-serve to full-pot, and mild to dark-roasted blends, all Folgers Coffee varieties are flavorful and fill your home with an enticing aroma. Discover what your taste buds desire thru one of our many coffee offerings, as each of Folger Flavors will allow you to make that perfect cup of Folgers Coffee.

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