Myvision Aluminum 1cup/3cup/6cup/9cup/12cup Italian Stove top/Moka espresso coffee maker/Percolator pot tool(9 Cup)

  • Most authentic way to make delicious Italian espresso
  • Available in 1 cup(50ml),3 cup (200ml, 6.5-oz), 6 cup (300ml, 10-oz) sizes or 9 Cup (400ml, 12-oz)
  • Aluminum Espresso Maker features a modern, stylish design with a high-quality aluminum body. The handle is made from a heat resistant plastic that not only provides you with a firm and reliable grip, but also allows your hand to stay cool during use. Its efficient layout forces pressurized water through coffee grounds, and deposits a rich, full bodied espresso blend into the serving chamber
  • Unscrew the top and remove the filter funnel from the base. Locate the filter plate and rubber washer, and remove both. Wash all parts in hot water and then reassemble. It is recommended that your first espresso be thrown away as to ensure the optimal taste of ensuing brews
  • To use, fill the base with fresh water up to the level of the safety valve and insert the filter funnel. Fill the filter funnel with finely ground coffee (do not press down), and screw the assembled top firmly to the base. Place the maker on low to medium heat, and within 3-5 minutes, delicious coffee will fill the serving chamber. Serve immediately. To clean, hand wash only. Do not use a dishwasher
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Product Description

Material: Aluminum
Unscrew the top and removable bottom pot,with deluxe plastic handle and knob.
Aluminum-casting frame, with filter funnel.
Rubber gasket and copper safety valve.
1Tazze (50ml)
Color:original color
Be available for Cooker, Household gas stove, travel furnaces and alcohol stove.
Principle: high temperature steam extraction of coffee.

How to use:
Fill up with water the lower part avoiding that water surpasses the safety valve.
Place the ground coffee inside the funnel with slight pressure. Do not use malt or coffees with other substances which may obturate the filter orifices.
Clean the screw circle, the rubber ring and the funnel sides. Any left coffee particle may deprive hermetical closing and produce stem scapes.
Keep the coffeemaker in upright position when screwing the two bodies. This will avoid coffee moistening.
Take off coffeemaker from fire as soon as you can check that the coffee infusion is totally gone to the upper part.
The upper body and the tube for which the coffee infusion goes up must be periodically cleaned. For this purpose take off the rubber ring and the filter. Never use any soap or detergent.

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