French Coffee Press & Tea Maker 8 cup – Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass Carafe – with Triple Filters – 34 Oz

  • AMAZING BREWS - Create perfect coffee brews to satisfy your everyday caffeine needs or give your day a healthy start by infusing fruits in water - e-PAPRIKA French Coffee Press, with its 34 oz volume (8 cups) is suitable for a wide variety of modern needs - be it the need to quench your thirst with an iced coffee, rejuvenate yourself with a hot cup of tea, or make cocktails, milk foam, hot chocolate, almond milk, cashew milk, plant tinctures, lemonades, etc.
  • PREMIUM & EASY TO USE DESIGN - This coffee french press made up of high-quality borosilicate glass, frame & lid made up of food-grade stainless steel with chrome plating for an elegant shiny finish, and the ergonomic handle with a rubber-finish non-slip grip. The wide top and a design that disassembles in a breeze make this French Press Tea Maker extremely EASY TO CLEAN!
  • VERSATILE - The stunning and chic design, and the ability to make excellent coffee, tea and other beverages effortlessly make this coffee or tea french press suitable not only for home but even for offices, restaurants, hotels, camping and many other similar places.
  • SAFE BUILD & EFFECTIVE FILTRATION - Made up of all food-safe materials, our glass french press is 100% BPA-FREE. It also boasts 3 parts stainless steel mesh filter for preventing any coffee grounds or tea leaves from escaping into your cup of tea or coffee - certainly the best french press coffee maker without an astronomical price tag.
  • GIFT WITH GUARANTEE - This also makes for an ideal gift for friends, family or colleagues, and even a great promotional or annual gift. Moreover, we also offer you 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. Also, we are quite sure that you would love this french press for its functional effectiveness, ease of use and its top quality build, and will love yourselves for the decision of buying it.
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Product Description

Brew coffee/tea effortlessly, extract the best taste and aroma, enjoy ease of cleaning, feel the class with its elegant design, and be assured about your family’s health with its food-grade build!


– Generous 1L (34oz) capacity that lets you brew upto 8 cups of coffee, tea or several other beverages
– Clear glass and shiny metallic surface of the frame & lid result in a contemporary design that is sure to uplift the aesthetic appeal of your living, dining, kitchen or office space
– Smoothly operating plunger allows for hassle-free coffee making
– 3 parts filtration system seals the edges perfectly and fine screen effectively prevents coffee grounds from entering your cup – eliminating the need to spit the grounds
– Non-slip handle feels comfortable to touch and hold, and helps you move the french press around without fearing slippage from the hand
– Durable design that is sure to last for way longer – however, it’s worth noting that glass products need good care
– Designed to ensure that you can clean it thoroughly and easily
– Comes with an instruction manual to help you brew awesome coffee using the french press and also to help you clean it easily

CAUTION – Using excessive force can cause hot liquid to shoot out of the pot! Read more usage tips and ‘what not to do’ on the package!


We also offer you 100% risk-free satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked.

So, why think twice?

ORDER NOW & Get this Incredible French Press Delivered to you in Just 3-5 Days!

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